Accidents happen because of the way human beings interact with the vehicle and the road and in this whole tragedy there is the human factor which is very key

Drivers cause accidents, not road blocks

Nick Mangwana View from the Diaspora It used to be that whenever one travelled a long journey by plane, parents would insist on being informed of a safe arrival. Even though the news would have repor...

Tribalism is not humour, but hate

Nick Mangwana View From the Diaspora IN recent days social media has gone into overdrive with memes which poke fun at people from Masvingo or Karangas in general. The underlying messages behind almos...
Morgan Tsvangirai

Current songs in our politics are off-key

Nick Mangwana View from the Diaspora There is a lot of talk of the 2018 elections. These elections are dispensational in that according to the Constitution, that is President Mugabe’s last term.
Pupils from George Stark High School walk home home after classes. The Mbare-based school was one of the several schools in the high-density suburbs previously categorised as Group B

Of education, snobs and social misfits

Nick Mangwana View from the Diaspora Our much vaunted education system has produced literate people and high achievers. It has set a foundation for many Zimbabweans have gone and excelled elsewhere. ...

Opposition lacks internal democracy

Nick Mangwana View From the Diaspora Zanu-PF’S 2018 campaign is slowly gathering momentum. In a few months, it will be all systems go at every level. This will kick in what is considered the primary ...
Command Agriculture has allowed Zimbabwe to recover its rhythm towards accomplishment of the objectives of the land reform programme

Empowerment is not about starting banks

Nick Mangwana View from the Diaspora Zimbabwe has experienced a high share of bank failure in Sadc but the strange thing is that more continue to be opened. In the current climate depositors are shun...
Zimbabwe launched a Diaspora Directorate in the Ministry of Macro-Economic Planning and Investment Promotion. This is a positive development as the Diaspora should be seen as an opportunity

Dual citizenship: Let’s choose progress

Nick Mangwana View from Diaspora PRESIDENT Mugabe has said that Zimbabwe is the second most developed country in Africa. He actually did not say that; it was the continent’s second biggest economy. O...

Police behaviour bad for tourism

Nick Mangwana View From the Diaspora Travel and tourism is a huge part of Zimbabwe’s economy. In fact, it is one of the biggest contributors to Zimbabwe’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), rivalled by Di...

Time the Government embraced social media

Nick Mangwana View From the Diaspora Social media has been praised for enhancing social connections. But there are some who have accused it of causing social disconnections. So, like everything else,...
Morgan Tsvangirai

Opposition not an alternative

Nick Mangwana View From the Diaspora THE word “alternative” implies that there is another possibility. It means a person is given an option to make a different choice to the one offered.
File pic: Opposition leaders showed arrogance when they got into office via the inclusive Government. They emitted it, they swaggered it like peacocks and it rolled off their tongues

Arrogance bane of the opposition

Nick Mangwana View from  the Diaspora The direct link between a citizen and a political system is a political party. There should be some dovetailing between the aspirations of a citizen and the acti...
There are adults in their 40s living in Zimbabwe who have never voted in their lives and yet Zimbabwe has had roughly nine elections since Independence. It’s either they don’t have an opinion or they simply don’t care

Apathy: When voters simply don’t care

Nick Mangwana View from the Diaspora This column has recently covered the issue of apathy in Zimbabwean elections. It noted that the level of indifference was too high to be good for democracy.